Zapan Illydus is a Walstanian mercenary that serves either as a valuable ally or a very dangerous foe to Denim.

Character Profile[edit | edit source]

Zapan is the special character for the Berzerker Class, albeit much stronger and more durable than a standard Berzerker. He is a mercenary for hire, whoever pays the most will have his full allegiance, it is said that He tends to be vulgar, disrespectful most of the time to his superiors and will talk his way out if his life is in danger. However he tends to have a soft side and reveals to Denim that he wants to help young people find out their talents in life, much to Denim's surprise.

His appearance is a standard Berzerker sprite, but in Chapter 2 Chaotic Route, Kachua comments that his "mid-section" is very fat, underestimating his bounty hunting skills at the same time. In Chapter 2 Lawful Route, he can join Denim and comes equipped with Leather Armor only. If Denim decides not to join him, he can be recruited on Chapter 4 as a side quest and comes equipped with Procs Axe, Balder Armor, Balder Helmet and Aileron item.

Storyline Appearances[edit | edit source]

Chapter 2: Lawful Route

Enlisting with the Walstanian forces after the Baramus Massacre, Zapan participated in the Battle at Swanzi Forest. However, due to a failed strategy by Duke Ronway, the Walstanians suffered heavy losses and Zapan is one of the survivors. He found himself being pursued by pirates afterwards and was saved by Denim at Fort Kadoriga. He then confirms to Denim about the situation in Swanzi Forest and accompanies him back to Amorika for his payment. He offers his mercenary services to Denim in order to deliver a message to Fiduc castle.

Chapter 2: Chaotic Route

Zapan first encountered Denim at Zodo Marshes to collect his bounty. Denim was able to defeat Zapan and he retreated back to Amorika. Vice hired Zapan to kidnap Kachua and bring her to Amorika so that he can kill Denim. Zapan was able to do so, however he was not able to stop Denim from infiltrating Amorika castle. Because of his failure, Vice executed him.

Chapter 4 (from Lawful Route)

If Zapan was hired by Denim, he accompanies him all throughout his missions to defeat both Cardinal Barbatos and Bishop Branta, as well as the Roslolian Dark Knights.

If Zapan was not hired by Denim, he instead becomes a pirate. Denim hears the rumors that a pirate is harrassing some of the Walstanians and is surprised to find out that it is Zapan. Denim defeats Zapan's army and again Zapan pleads for his life and offers Denim his services, to which Denim agrees.


Denim confronts Zapan as he was about to leave Valeria. Zapan mentions that since Denim has restored peace, there is no place in a Valeria for a mercenary like him. Denim does not believe this excuse, since Moruba offered Zapan a job as a High Post Commander. He reveals that he declined it, much to Moruba's surprise, and also tells Denim that what he really wants is to help children find out their talents. Denim was surprised about this and finds it funny. Zapan grabs him by his jacket, while Denim apologizes. Afterwards they shared a hug before Zapan departs.

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