The Witch is one of the character class in Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together. It is the standard class for a female unit. It concentrates on dealing with multiple status ailments on enemies.

Class Profile[edit | edit source]

The Witch is a mage type class that specializes with dealing multiple status ailments on multiple enemies, thus disabling them from the battle in a period of time. When utilizing the HealRain spell, she will also act as a healer for your units. Unlike other mages that have Slow type movement, The Witch has a Fast movement, which gives her an advantage to reach her destination much faster than the others.

The Witch has above average growth in terms of intelligence and mentality. This allows the Witch to utilize the HealRain and Charge spell to full effect. However this growth does not affect the effectivity of her primary disabling spells, which is based on accuracy. That is why players tend to have their Witch level up as an Archer first so that she has high agility and dexterity growth. This tactics allows the player to utilize their Witch more effectively, disabling enemies at an almost 80-100% hit rate.

The Witch does not specialize in any time of weapon, but staffs or any type of weapon that allows her to attack from afar is recommended.

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