The Death Templar is one of the enemy classes in Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together. It is Lans Tartare's class and it is a rank that signifies his leadership status over the Roslolians. There are only 16 Death Templars in Lodis. It is said that one Death Templar's power and skill is equal to one hundred ordinary Knights. It is arguably the most powerful class in the game.

Class Profile[edit | edit source]

The Death Templar stat growth does not leave room for weaknesses. His strength and dexterity is comparable to a Dragoon and Swordmaster. His intelligence and mentality is comparable with a Wizard. His Agility and Movement is comparable with a Ninja. The only stat growth that is considered normal is his Vitality, which is neglectable. He has access to all types of spells and is versatile enough to handle any type of situation. He also has access to a skill that is dark elemental. It does tremendous damage at the same time lowers the maximum HP of the enemy.

It has been recommended not to engage the Death Templar by physical combat, as it is powerful enough to defeat an entire army. Long range weapons and spells are the best choice to subdue this class.

The Death Templar specializes with Swords. This class can be used by the player only by using a Gameshark device.

Known Death Templars:

- Lans Tartare, Leader of the Roslolian Dark Knights.

- Richard Glendale, Leader of the Caliginous Order

- Godfrey Glendale (deceased), founder and previous leader of the Caliginous Order

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