The Chaos Frame is a stat that determines the loyalty of the three clans (Walister, Galgastan and Balmamusa) towards Denam. This stat is the main factor of Denam's epilogue if Catiua dies at Barnicia Castle.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The Chaos Frame determines the loyalty of each unit that Denam has under his own army. There are various opinions towards Denim, differentiated by the race and alignment of each unit. This only applies to units that is either Walister, Galgastani or Balmamusan. Zenobians, Loslorians or Indistinct races are not affected by it. Depending on Denam's actions, the chaos frame on each unit might go up or go down.

Actions that has positive or negative effects on the Chaos Frame:

  • Remaining units that has a race that is similar to a unit that has been killed in a battle or omitted from the army will cause the chaos frame to decrease.
  • Denam's choices during a storyline will cause the chaos frames of some races to increase while others decrease (i.e. If Denam was asked for the reason why he fights and he chooses for Walister, Walisters will have good chaos frames towards Denam, while the Galgastanis and Balmamusan will be decreased)
  • Unit that levels up during an actual battle will increase the chaos frame of that unit's race significantly.
  • Unit that has been resurrected as an undead will decrease the chaos frame of that unit's race.
  • Denim' attacks on the Philaha Order during Chapter 4 will decrease all of the races' chaos frame significantly.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

Depending on the Chaos Frame status, Denam might be assassinated by a Walister Soldier, or might face an invading Loslorian Army of 100,000 soldiers, this only applies if Catiua has died.

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