The Archer is a character class in Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together. She specializes with long range attacks and is considered an asset for a regular army. Her stat growth is considered one of the best in all classes.

Class Profile[edit | edit source]

The Archer specializes in dealing with indirect or long range attacks by using bows. She is also the quickest class for a female unit, rivaling that of the Ninja class. In terms of stat growth, she is the most durable female unit. Her high dexterity and agility allows her to move quickly on her desired shooting location at the same time easily avoiding enemy attack. It also provides her with a very accurate and powerful long range attack, especially when she uses a weapon that is similar to her innate element.

The Archer tends to have low HP points that is easily picked off by faster units, such as Ninjas. Terrain is also a factor since she needs to be in the best position to attack the enemy. The Archer does not have specialization in any melee weapon.

Known Archers:

- Aloser Danya, Walstanian survivor of the Baramus Massacre.

- Sara, Leonard's archer.

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